Move-in/ Move out Cleaning Service

Many people move in and out residentially on a regular basis. They always need a cleaning company to ensure that where they are moving in or out is appropriately clean and suitable for living there. HHCS serves quality moving cleaning in Fort Worth.

Home Deep Cleaning Service

Happy Houses Cleaning Services makes your life easier and thrilling with the efficient deep cleaning services in Fort Worth, with the most reliable and experienced staff. Deep cleaning is not challenging, but it needs extra professional attention.

Apartment Cleaning Services

Our cleaning services are not limited to substantial residential areas or condos; our cleaners are experts in cleaning apartments, either large or small. We can do simple to complex house cleaning tasks at reasonable rates depending on our customers’ needs.

Regularly Scheduled Cleaning

It isn’t easy to find when and why you should hire a cleaning company. When you hire cleaners for your regular house cleaning in Fort Worth, you will get the time to enjoy other luxuries of your life. It sounds great because you get a clean house regularly.

VRBO Cleaning Services

HHCS offers the most advanced techniques to keep your vacation property clean to make your renter happy and satisfied. As professionals, we understand that you must find affordable, high quality and easy-to-book vacation rental services in Fort Worth..

Additional Cleaning Services

Depending on the frequency of your house chores, you can also ask for additional cleaning services in Fort Worth from HHCS. Our professionals can take care of your home tasks at affordable costs. All communication is handled via phone calls and text.

Make-Ready Cleaning Services

Time is precious when it comes to renting out your home; HHCS make-ready services are available for homes, condos, and apartments. Our team will ready your property for rent as soon as 24 hours from your appointment. Rates are affordable.

Luxury Cleaning

Our luxury cleaning is second to none in Fort Worth. We can have confidence in your luxury apartment appearance with advanced cleaning techniques. A sparkling clean interior is what you want for peaceful living with your family.


HHCS experienced maids are trained in cleaning your residence, particularly bedrooms, bathrooms, and kitchen. We also focus on special instructions given by you. Our cleaning will show you how much effort we put into cleaning all reachable areas of your house. Our maids will follow a checklist not to skip any service mentioned, and if there is anything left without cleaning, you can ask for referrals within 24 hours.

There is no need to sign contracts plus you will find our residential cleaning services much more affordable than other cleaning companies. Here are some plus points our company is known for:

  • We guarantee your satisfaction.
  • We are flexible to all the cleaning needs of our customers
  • We understand that you can reschedule your cleaning appointments, and canceling can be done within 48 hours before your work.
  • We offer you different cleaning packages.
  • Our recurring customers have the advantage of getting our loyalty plan.

Get Affordable and Quality Cleanups

Happy Houses Cleaning services tailor-fit a cleaning package that fits your house, apartment, or condos. You will be saving money with our clean-up plans.We have experienced cleaning crew available for all of our cleaning services. Call or text us at 214-414-9894 and book your appointment today.

Survey Emails

Happy Houses, the number one cleaning solution in Fort Worth, will always get survey emails after each visit because we care about you and are pleased to know about your cleaning experience.

Appointment Reminders

Our team will ask you to set a reminder for your house cleaning appointment day so you don’t miss out on anything. Our crew will be at your doorstep on your booked day and will bring all equipment for cleaning.

What to expect?

Suppose you have never hired a cleaning company; you might not know what to expect from a cleaning crew. We offer the following Vacuuming, Mopping, Dusting, and Scrubbing of all reachable areas of your home.

Top-Quality Cleaning For All Occasions

We offer satisfactory and top-quality cleaning for homes, condos and apartments such asdeep cleaning and regularly scheduled. We are here to customize our cleaning checklist according to your house clean-up needs and budget. Happy Houses Cleaning Services is here to provide consistent, top-quality cleaning every time.

Why Should You Choose Us?

HHCS offers top-to-bottom housekeeping services to make your life more comfortable and better living. With 13 years of experience in Housekeeping services all over the United States, you are again guaranteed to love our cleaning services.

Here are several reasons we are referring to you as your cleaning agent.

Our maids are motivated to meet your house’s clean needs.
Our cleanup service is hassle-free. We maintain an order to make it clear and accessible.
The trusted cleaners for your home are fully bonded and insured.
We have a dedicated cleaning team for every service. Call us and get immediate answers.

You can call us or text us to get free quotes from our team at 214-414-9894. We, as a scrubbing team, are here to serve you.


Many factors affect the cost of a cleaning company or that you need to consider before hiring a services company for your residence (apartment, condo, or house). Here is a list of factors that will help you better estimate your cost of home cleanups.

  • Total number of bedrooms to be cleaned
  • Count the number of bedrooms
  • Count the number of bathrooms
  • Decide on cleaning products
  • Do tell the maids if you have any allergies (special precautions need to be followed)
  • Determine difficult to reachable areas
  • Are you in the right area (If your home is in Fort Worth and 45 miles from its surrounding)

Our Graceful Client’s FeedBack

I am stunned now by the Happy Houses team, where have you been all my life? I used many companies for deep cleaning, and they are way too expensive and sorry to say the work was not satisfactory, but your maids are fantastic and turn my home into heaven, neat and clean. The customer service is excellent. Thank you, HHCS, for loving our homes!!
Jessica K

Client, Happy Houses

Words enough cannot describe what a great job they do for my move out. My biggest worry while moving out was giving back the home clean as I get it, and being a working man, it was pretty tricky for me, and then I found this amazing team of cleaners who made me feel like they were partners, not just maid services. Hats off!
Ishfaq Khan

Client, Happy Houses

Here to appreciate the most competent maids that come to my house and make it look like a home again. Thank you so much, team HHCS for all the services at affordable rates. I am surprised how they go beyond their limits to fight the stubborn stains. They are professional and friendly. Thank you, maids.

Client, Happy Houses

Frequently Asked Questions

After each cleanup, will my home be inspected by your management?

Yes, we have quality check inspections available upon request within 24 hours with an extra charge.

If I ask for referrals, will you charge me for that?

If you ask for referrals within 24 hours, you won’t be charged, but if you ask to clean other areas and not on the same day, you will be charged.

Does your team allow me to schedule an extra cleaning?

Yes, just text, call or email us for scheduling and immediate responses.

What fee could I be charged for canceling or rescheduling?

Our canceling and rescheduling time is 48 hours, and If you cancel or reschedule the cleaning with less than 48 hr notice, a 50% cancellation fee will be applied.

Do you offer deep cleaning on long-term contracts?

Yes, you can hire us anytime of the month for cleaning services, you dont have to sign contracts for any of our services.